The technology sector is looking for talent

We offer you a wide array of opportunities to study technology and thus find employment at enterprises in the technology sector. The areas of competence are mechanical engineering and production technology, electrical engineering and automation, and information and communications technology. The technology sector directly employs nearly 320,000 people in Finland alone, making it the most important export industry in the country. Tech companies operate in the global market, which means plenty of opportunities to work abroad in an international capacity.

The technology industry will require 130,000 new talents in the next decade, which means roughly 13,000 job openings per year. Would you like to be one of those talents?

If you are interested in this growing industry of the future, tech expertise, and job prospects, YSAO’s technology studies offer you a perfect opportunity. Are you into robotics or automation, would you perhaps like to see your personal touch in your work, or do you dream of working in customer service? We can find a solution for you. You could become a machinist, electrical engineer, IT support, welder, or something else. There is no shortage of options and opportunities ¬– tech expertise is in high demand!

Technology studies are always working life-oriented in nature, so the field offers several study opportunities tailored in cooperation with various businesses. These include the Ponsse path, the Pok learning environment, or a personal learning environment at the centre of the Vieremä business campus.

Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

Are you a metalhead?

These studies will help you become a plater-welder, machinist, or mechanical fitter.

You don’t need to immediately know which profession you want to graduate for, as all options are explored at the start of your studies, and you can then gravitate towards the most interesting path for you!

As a mechanical engineering and production technology graduate, you are familiar with all modern manufacturing methods and can precisely measure the products you manufacture, or work in the assembly, installation, and service of mechanical machinery. Your workplace is in a modern tech environment where robotics and automation are part of daily life.

Try mechanical engineering and production technology!

This field is suitable to everybody. All you need is a real interest in the metal industry!
Prior experience is not required. Go ahead and sign up for the field orientation arranged by the YTYÄ! project. The orientation can last from a few hours to entire days.

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Here, your tasks and work locations vary from week to week, or you will be working in clean industrial environments, performing installations, or working on vehicle electronics. At YSAO, your studies also include a study period in the POKE environment, which lets you work at a company from the very start of your studies, making real products. If you are a handy sort and want a job with plenty of variation, electrical engineering and automation is the choice for you.

Information and Communications Technology

Are computers your thing? Do you want to work with evolving technology? Here, you get to work in IT by installing, servicing, and programming a variety of computing and communications equipment or working as an enterprise’s customer service representative – not to forget various sales jobs. Are you ready to pounce on new challenges and keep yourself at the cutting edge of the constantly evolving world of information technology?

Come to YSAO to learn a multifaceted and interesting technology job in a practical way. Employment prospects in this field are excellent.


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