Make your student days unforgettable

You hear the echo of your confident steps. You straighten your clothes and ensure everything is zipped up. You don’t see anyone else yet, but the various voices from up ahead are mixing into one. Clanks, metallic clinking, buzzing. They prepare you for what awaits around the corner. You breathe in deep and take your tool. The scent makes you smile. Now it’s your turn to act.

By showing interest, you can find yourself doing different tasks and trying completely different fields. One thing takes you towards them, and that is the right competence. You can get that from us, and you’ll also have fun learning!

Studying is not just sitting at a desk or listening to lectures whilst staring at a computer monitor. Most of the learning happens through practical work. You immediately get a sense of your work tasks, tools, and opportunities. Our wide network of business partners gives you options to try, helping you find a direction for your life and interests. We’ve got the tools, teachers, and instructors for you.

Oh, what to do besides studying?

Keeping up your motivation, taking care of your mental capacity, and learning new things requires something to balance out the daily grind. Dip your fingers in different colours of paint, let the sweat pour, or make some noise in all kinds of ways. You can find plenty of interesting things to do whether you are into exercise, art, or culture. Active clubs, associations, organisations, and courses are there to eagerly welcome new participants.

Or maybe you prefer to spectate instead of doing? You could check out the exciting games on the football pitch or the sharp action in the ice rink, or maybe visit an art exhibit or concert to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and stories. If you’re in a social mood, you can certainly find someone to talk to on the beach or in the market square. If relaxing in front of a bonfire strikes your fancy, you can take a trip to the numerous lean-tos and camping destinations.

There is no shortage of things to do regardless of whether you prefer to walk alone or look for like-minded teams and groups to spend time with. For most, the suitably social, a middle ground of the two is ideal. Maybe you decide to go alone, or maybe take a friend along.

Walking and cycling paths allow you to exercise freely. Any style goes, whether you enjoy taking in the scenery on a slow hike or building your fitness with sweaty, high-tempo exercise. In the winter, the area boasts several ski slopes and cross-country skiing routes for some frostier kinds of exercise, and we can’t forget those speedy sled hills either.

YSAO, full of ideas

YSAO supports hobbies, wellbeing, and doing things you enjoy alongside studying. In the autumn and spring, you get to test out your best basketball, badminton, and football tricks at the multipurpose outdoor arena in YSAO’s Sankariniemi, and the sports hall is open all year round. There is also a gym where you can punch some bags, pump some iron, and use some rowing machines and treadmills. Come and see which equipment you’d like to use to keep up and even improve your fitness.

If you can feel the rhythm in your blood or just want to learn music, you can grab a pair of drumsticks, wail into a microphone, or shred on a guitar in the band facilities of the school. The staff often asks bands to perform at various events, so you’ll also gain some performing experience! These events are organised throughout the year by e.g., the tutors and the wellbeing team.

You can also explore your artistic and creative side at events and various competitions organised for students. Or you can even show off your artistic skills through school projects. Plater-welder students have designed and made holiday decorations, machinists have built stands for candles, and artisans have made instruments. Not to mention the delicious catering prepared by the bakery and cooking students, the dreamy sigh-eliciting hairstyles of hairdressing students, or the displays of skill from animal groomers.

Every field is brimming with creativity, you just have to bring it out through your actions! Ideas are always welcome. It also develops and diversifies your studies!

Here I am, on the road again

If you suddenly get the odd feeling you would like to visit a larger city such as Kuopio, Oulu, or Kajaani, all you need is to take a short trip. These distances are covered easily from Iisalmi via train, bus, or car. And, most importantly, it’s just as quick to get back to the embrace of Upper Savonia, or Ylä-Savo as we like to call it!

We are developing the area together, through extensive cooperation, so we would appreciate your input as well. You can participate in open projects from organisations, enterprises, or the city – or come up with something completely new. We take care of our own, and our hospitality is so great that you won’t want to leave!