The multifaceted field of logistics

At YSAO, logistics skills encompass logistics, infrastructure, and the motor vehicles sector. Work in logistics and earthworks is very important and provides a variety of services for our society.

Moving people and goods around requires highly functional and varied logistics. The different aspects of infrastructure provide a significant service to society. Professionals in the motor vehicles sector ensure the ever-increasing stock of vehicles stays in good condition, which allows for transport and traffic to run smoothly. The automotive industry has seen significant growth and change in recent times ¬– the growing number of electric vehicles being one example. Motor vehicle sector work requires knowledge of the fascinating technology, along with service skills.

In the future, logistics professionals in each field require extensive vocational expertise, language skills, and digital skills. The field of work is very multifaceted and requires plenty of responsibility. Customer service is a major part of everyday work.


People and goods are always going to need transport, so logistics professionals are in demand now and in the future. The logistics field involves work related to the transport of goods and people.

A vocational basic qualification in logistics offers training for drivers of lorries, buses, and articulated vehicles. A lorry driver or articulated vehicle driver is able to load and transport their vehicle in all conditions whilst complying with regulations, in a safe, economic, and eco-friendly manner. When your training is completed, you can also work at various warehouses or terminals as, e.g., a forklift operator.

As a bus driver, you get to work in a varied and people-centred service profession where safety and customer service are essential parts of the job. The work of a bus driver can vary significantly, from local to long-distance transport. Charter and service transport may also be part of your job description.

A vocational qualification in logistics can be completed here at YSAO, with passenger transport, forestry transport, or goods transport as the fields of expertise.

Continued education in logistics

The field of logistics offers a variety of options for continued education. Studies at universities of applied sciences are available mainly for technology, transport, and business economics. Another potential path is the specialist vocational qualification for Driving Instructors.

Motor Vehicles Sector

A professional in the motor vehicles sector easily handles vehicle maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. As a car mechanic, you are able to perform mechanical repairs on cars. As a diagnosis mechanic, your main focus is knowledge of vehicles’ electronic systems. As a utility vehicle mechanic, you work with the variety of systems in larger vehicles.

With the proper qualification, you are able to perform repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting work in the motor vehicles sector. Skilled workers are always in demand at car showrooms, repair shops, service stations, and perhaps logistics companies.

As a mechanic, you must be well-versed in technology, capable of solving a variety of problems, and willing to work both independently and as part of a team. Your tasks vary from problem diagnosis to customer service, and you learn to operate modern repair equipment.

If you are the hands-on type, eager to learn new things, and want to work with rapidly evolving technology, perhaps this could be the field for you!


Infrastructure is a multifaceted and interesting industry for skilled workers. Here, infrastructure refers to technical infrastructure, which includes e.g., road and rail networks, water management, and building foundations. The infrastructure sector currently employs a large number of people in various construction and maintenance jobs and will continue to do so in the future. Many supervisors and specialists are also needed. As an infrastructure worker, you continuously encounter new, interesting, and challenging tasks whilst learning many new things.

At YSAO, infrastructure studies are available in Iisalmi, Toivala in Siilinjärvi, Liperi in the Joensuu region, and remotely.

Depending on your interest and skillset, you can obtain a vocational basic qualification in construction, a vocational qualification, or a specialist vocational qualification in infrastructure. Further vocational training is also available.

The vocational basic qualification in construction qualifies you to operate earthmoving equipment, and the vocational and specialist vocational qualifications make you an infrastructure professional.

Interested in infrastructure? Would you like to do tangible work and see the results of that work first-hand? Take a look at our study opportunities and apply today!


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