YSAO offers you a wide array of opportunities in the field of natural resources and environment, for studying and finding employment in the field.

Our Hingunniemi equine studies campus in Kiuruvesi, and our agricultural and animal husbandry campus in Peltoniemi, Iisalmi provide a wonderful setting for your studies with real farms for learning.

Our extensive national and global connections to businesses in the industry enable us to personally develop your skill to a professional level. The field of natural resources and environment is becoming more and more significant in the future, and the natural resource expertise of our students is renowned internationally as well.

Equine Studies

Do you like horses?

If the answer is yes, you’ll surely like studying with us as well!

The equine sector in Finland directly employs more than 15,000 professionals.

Your path to becoming a professional in the equine sector starts with studies for a vocational basic qualification, which provides you with basic competence in the field along with specialist skills required for working as a groom, equestrian service instructor, or riding instructor.

A horse care and management professional requires competence obtained through a vocational qualification in horse care and management. Once qualified, you are able to take care of horses’ well-being, handle horses safely, and operate in the industry as an employee or entrepreneur. Depending on your specialisation, you can work in a horse-breeding or equestrian service producer capacity, in harness racing coaching, training and coaching riding horses, shoeing, equestrian equipment manufacturing, equestrian massage therapy, or riding instruction.

If you wish to continue your career to become a stable master, farrier, horse care manager or riding instructor, those skills and knowledge are obtained through a specialist vocational qualification in horse care and management. Natural resources and environment expertise and qualifications ensure good job opportunities.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Answer the call of the countryside ­– watch the students’ stories!

Cutting-edge technology, animal welfare, and a dream job! Watch the video to find out how Elias and Jenni became interested in the field of natural resources and the environment and how technology and animal welfare are part of their daily lives.

The technology employed in agricultural and animal husbandry studies eases the personal workload and reduces the carbon footprint whilst giving employees more time to focus on the animals and their welfare.

Future agriculture professionals study the basics, eventually graduating as rural entrepreneurs or animal care professionals. A rural entrepreneur with an agricultural business qualification is able to perform a variety of tasks in different agricultural enterprises.

A rural entrepreneur with an agricultural technology qualification is prepared for production technology work. Depending on their choices, they can work as a rural entrepreneur, agricultural machinery contractor, maintenance and repair entrepreneur, bioenergy entrepreneur or employee, in an agricultural supply shop, or in various agricultural service jobs.

An animal attendant with an animal husbandry qualification can care for animals and raise animals in a variety of animal husbandry enterprises. They have extensive basic knowledge of animal physiology, nutrition, healthcare, and genetics. An animal attendant is qualified to start an animal welfare enterprise or work as an animal attendant on a farm, as a farm relief worker, at a petting zoo or zoo, research institutes, veterinary clinics, and other enterprises in the animal sector. Animal husbandry qualification holders can specialise in the care and/or welfare of farm animals or small animals.

A holder of vocational qualification in agriculture has the strong competence required by agricultural work tasks. The vocational qualification in agriculture allows you to choose between the competence areas of Agrologistics, Farm Relief Work, Agricultural Technology, Beekeeping, Hoof Care, Production Animal Care, or Farm Management.

An individual with a vocational qualification in agriculture possesses a wide variety of skills to allow them to work in the agricultural sector, in various production, planning, advisory, expert, supervisor, and management positions.

A professional with an animal husbandry qualification can specialise further in animal care in the competence areas of Animal Boarding, Pet Sales, Animal Training, Animal Grooming, Dog Massage, or Care of Animals at Clinics. They can operate as an independent entrepreneur or as an employee in an enterprise.

A qualification holder specialising in the competence area of Animal Training may work in an entrepreneurial capacity or as an employee in an enterprise providing services related to the training or behaviour of animals. The optional portion of the qualification allows the animal trainer to further specialise in the planning of zoo animal care or addressing problem behaviour in animals, or work as an obedience trainer for animals, or as a trainer/coach for work and competition animals.

Take a look at the Peltoniemi campus!

An interest in working with animals, in the countryside and outdoors offers you near-infinite opportunities to improve and develop yourself. If responsible behaviour and animal welfare are important to you, the field of natural resources and environment is the right choice for you.

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