TUVA – a new transition training period starts in Autumn 2022

Preparatory education for an upper secondary qualification is intended for people of compulsory school age and others without a secondary qualification who require preparatory education.

TUVA’s objectives

The objective of preparatory education for an upper secondary qualification is to prepare a student to apply for upper secondary education or vocational education, clarify their plans in terms of continued education and career choice whilst helping the student recognise their own strengths and creating different options for studies and work. During TUVA training, basic education grades can be raised if necessary to be accepted to the student’s chosen place of education.

Scope and structure of studies

TUVA studies last 38 weeks at maximum. Each student’s studies consist of education and career planning, which is compulsory to everyone, and at least two optional components. The student’s personal study path is created based on their individual objectives and educational needs. This means the start time of the studies is also flexible according to each student’s needs.

What TUVA consists of

Compulsory for everyone:

  • Education and career planning skills (2–10 weeks)

Optional parts of training, of which the student must complete at least two:

  • Improving basic skills (1–30 weeks)
  • Vocational education studies and preparing for them (1–30 weeks)
  • Upper secondary education studies and preparing for them (1–30 weeks)
  • Everyday skills and societal participation (1–20 weeks)
  • Working life skills and learning at work (1–20 weeks)
  • Optional studies (1–10 weeks)

Different TUVA education paths at YSAO

  1. Improving basic skills and working life skills.
  2. Upper secondary education orientation and raising basic education grades.
  3. Vocational education orientation.
  4. TUVA athlete path (combining goal-oriented sports coaching and preparatory education for an upper secondary qualification).

TUVA student counselling

Students of compulsory school age (starting 8/2021) have access to a wider variety of support methods via e.g., school transport subsidies and learning materials. However, YSAO offers all basic qualification students excellent support through social and health services. YSAO dormitories are also available to all TUVA students in Iisalmi and Kiuruvesi.

Anyone can encounter challenges and obstacles to learning. YSAO students are supported in different stages of their studies with measures conforming to Huolenpidon polku (The Care Path) and various support services. The student welfare services plan outlines the different social and personal student welfare service methods in more detail. Learn more about YSAO’s Huolenpidon polku programme.

Huolenpidon polku (Prezi, in Finnish)

Learn more about vocational education on the Finnish National Agency for Education’s website