Customer service and skilled hands

The service sector allows you to develop your service skills in an extensive and personal manner. At YSAO, service qualifications include hairdressing and beauty care, cleaning and property services, food production, restaurant and catering services, and nature-based services.

Come join the merry band in the service sector!

Food Production Services

The Finnish food production industry is known for its cleanliness and quality worldwide. The industry values healthiness and high-quality ingredients with an emphasis on locally sourced products.

Many kinds of professionals are required to prepare food, drinks, and various tasty treats. The food industry offers opportunities for multifaceted technical and craft skills as well as improve yourself as an employee, entrepreneur, and expert alike.

YSAO offers part of the study curriculum digitally via the itslearning environment. The studies incorporate plenty of learning various techniques, craft skills, and customer service at the institute’s own bakery, learning kitchen, and the Eväsmestari coffee shop. The food production industry offers a variety of opportunities for at-work learning. There are many large and small food industry enterprises in our area, which allow students to learn in real-life situations, helping prepare them for working life.

Hairdressing and Beauty Care Services

Hairdressing and beauty care services promote people’s beauty, health, and wellbeing. They can bolster an individual’s self-esteem, which plays a crucial role in human social interaction, self-acceptance, and commitment to one’s own culture. The main tool of a beauty care professional is their personality, radiating healthy self-esteem, a positive attitude towards life, life management, and internalised sense of professional ethics. Hairdressing and beauty care professionals are eager to serve and cooperate, honest and creative, full of initiative, and willing to reinvent themselves.

YSAO offers part of the study curriculum digitally via the itslearning environment, and practical skills are learned through guided work. Hairdressing and beauty care students learn professional skills by working with customers in working life and YSAO’s own barber shop and hairdresser, Hiustaiturit on the Tähtiniemi campus.

Nature-Based Services

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you excited about the opportunity to prepare food or health products from natural ingredients? Do you like creating arts and crafts using natural materials? Nature-based services might be the choice for you!

Nature studies give you an opportunity to develop an existing enterprise in the nature sector or start your own. You can extensively improve your skills and job prospects in the nature sector.

Remember to be creative and innovative because that’s when you create something unique.

Cleaning and Property Services

Are you an active and helpful individual not afraid to take the initiative? If this sounds like you, your future career may be in cleaning and property services.

Cleaning and property services employ professionals in various service sector jobs. The work tasks include various tasks related to the cleanliness, health, and safety of different environments. Cleaning and property studies teach you to carry out basic and maintenance cleaning with modern methods, equipment, and cleaning solutions in different working environments. In addition, you can develop many different skills pertaining to the industry at YSAO.

Some of the studies are carried out online via the itslearning environment, but practical competence is learned through practical guided work. Cleaning and property service studies are mainly focused on workplace learning, and you get to prove yourself by performing real working life tasks.

Restaurant and Catering Services

Local travel and local food are becoming more and more popular, and public services are also looking for employees. Restaurant and catering services involve working with people, serving customers in everyday life and festivities. This is very meaningful and fulfilling teamwork. As part of a team, professionals independently ensure they perform their own share of the work. In this industry, craft skills and creativity are valued. YSAO offers part of the study curriculum digitally via the itslearning environment. Restaurant and catering students are able to use a 3D printer to print unique treats from chocolate and other ingredients.

Practical studies are carried out in a wide variety of learning environments at workplaces as well as YSAO’s own simulated work environments: our learning kitchens, Restaurant Oppimestari, and the Eväsmestari Coffee Shop. Extensive learning opportunities prepare the student for working life in the best possible way.


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