The language requirements

The language of studying at YSAO is mainly Finnish. The applicant must have sufficient Finnish language skills to be able to study and work in his competence area. You can find the degree-specific language requirements from the education information.

The assessment of language skills

If the applicant´s mother language is other than Finnish, he will be directed to language proficiency testing. The applicant can also demonstrate his language skills with following certificates:

  • the certificate of comprehensive education completed in Finnish language (also the certificate of comprehensive education for adults)
  • the certificate of upper secondary education or matriculation certificate completed in Finnish language
  • the certificate of vocational qualification completed in Finnish language
  • the certificate of the intermediate Finnish language level of General language examinations (YKI test) at the skill level required by the application purpose (no more than 3 years old). More information from the website of National Board of Education.
  • the certificate of the integration education (no more than3 years old)

The realisation and validity period of the language test

The language test occurs remotely (Teams). When your application is being processed, you will receive instructions for booking a test appointment. The test lasts about 60 minutes. The validity period of the result of the completed language test for YSAO´s competence areas is 6 months. We will not process a new application if it has been less than 6 months since the last language test.

If during the studies we notice that the student´s language skills are not sufficient to complete the degree, the goal of the studies can be changed to complete parts of the degree.

Language skills can also be checked during studies.