Study for a Career

YSAO, the Ylä-Savo Vocational College, is a school where you can study for a career. We help you find suitable training. You can study for a full qualification or part of it. If you have a job, you can complete your qualification or part of your qualification in your job as apprenticeship training.

When you apply, we determine your language skills.

During your studies, you can study Finnish, which is needed in your career.

At the start of your studies, we make a plan for how you can learn skills needed in your career. It is important for us that you learn the profession and can work at a job that suits you.


Hannele Juntunen
Guidance Counsellor/Immigrant Students
+358 400 792 860


Treenikaista lets you practise study skills to help you in your vocational studies. These are called OPVA studies, or studies to support learning skills.

Treenikaista lets you study professional Finnish and digital skills, for example.

At Treenikaista, you study in a small group and get personal support and guidance.

You can start your studies at Treenikaista or come to Treenikaista during your vocational studies.

Treenikaista Contact Information

Treenikaista helps you at all matters related to studying.
Treenikaista’s guidance centre is located on the Tähtiniemi campus and is open every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 8:00 to 15:00.

Preparatory Education for an Upper Secondary Qualification (TUVA)

If you do not know yet what you want to study or do not have a study place, you can apply for TUVA education.

TUVA training lasts about a year. During it, you can practise studying skills and learn what studying options you have.

You can study Finnish. You will learn about different careers and training.

A study plan will be made for you. You can study the skills you need in upper secondary school or vocational school.

If you get a study place during TUVA training, you can stop your TUVA studies and move on to qualification education.

Short Training and Card Training Courses

At YSAO, you can take part in short training courses and card training courses.