Vocational expertise for working life

New professionals are always needed in working life. We offer you a wide variety of opportunities to study and improve your vocational competence, whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee of an enterprise.

Our study opportunities for working life skills encompass the business economics, management, and entrepreneurship studies shared by all industries, along with advanced vocational know-how and expertise focusing on specific industries and work tasks.

We offer industry-specific studies and qualifications for real estate, education, teaching, and guidance, work coaching, and production supervisor positions.

We help develop vocational competence in e.g., a recruitment situation with a new employee, further training of existing staff, and finding a completely new profession.

In addition, we offer short training courses tailored to your and your business’s needs.

These courses are held in a variety of learning environments, and online learning allows for studying without being tied to a certain time and place. Our courses are carried out with the involvement of the best teachers and experts in their respective fields to ensure the working life skills in your business are up there with the best as well.

If you and your business are looking to succeed in the future, contact us and we will find the right solution for you. Working life skills are close to our hearts.


Kristiina Hartikainen
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